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Colin Woodford Product Design, a menswear design consultancy, works with established brands and start-ups to innovate new apparel businesses and reimagine existing product categories that are facing competitive challenges.


Woodford Client Zegna
Woodford Client J.L. Powell
Woodford Client Orvis
Date Shirt
Woodford Client PaulShark
Woodford Client Henry Jacobson
Woodford Client Banana Republic
Woodford Client Country Road
Woodford Client LLBean
Woodford Client North Face
Woodford Client JC Penny
Woodford Client Woolrich
Woodford Client Simms
Woodford Client Henry Grethel
Woodford Client Levi Dockers
Woodford Client Head Sportswear

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Simms Fishing Spring 2017 Sportswear Collection

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTRbMzAUFCE View my latest work for the Simms Fishing 2017 Sportswear Collection! Watch the video starting at 4:00 minutes for the latest technical shirts, knits, pants, fabrics, and colors.

  • John Deere

Bringing Product Design to Life

My unique background in art, design, textile, and mens tailoring gives me the ability to create hand drawn designs in perspective and proportion bringing the product to life with a personal non-digital touch. [...]

360 Degree Technical Outerwear Illustrations

J.L.Powell Expedition Parka